Community Forum Generates Theme Ideas For Mural

On December 11th, we gathered about 30 Parkland community members together for the Community Forum to have conversations about the ideas for themes, aesthetic style and images for the mural on the Post Office. Those in attendance included artists, students and people from Washington HS, Franklin Pierce HS, the Franklin Pierce School District, College Bound, Discover Parkland, the Boys and Girls Club, PLU and others. People wrote down theme ideas which we compiled into this image:

Themes generated by Parkland community members at the Mural Community Forum on December 11th.

By breaking into small group discussion, we generated the following theme ideas:  resilience/regeneration, the tension between reality of the struggles that this community faces with the and hope and progress for the future, DIVERSITY, rural to urban transition, vibrancy, wholeness and an overarching theme of the “story” of Parkland in the past, present and future.

We are grateful to all who came to share their ideas and time, especially to Parkland First Baptist Church for providing the meal, Keithley Middle School for providing their cafeteria space and Peter Williams at Making a Difference in Community for facilitating.


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