Mural Design Complete! Join to Paint Saturday!

What are you looking forward to during the LollaPLUza Garfield St. music festival this Saturday? How about painting the mural! Everyone is invited to join the fun and creative process all day at the intersection of Garfield and C st. Please spread the word!

*Please note that the design is subject to minor changes and will be painted in color on the wall. Each letter is symbolic of a theme that was generated in community forums, meetings with local groups, classroom visits etc. The themes are P for Parkland’s people, A for its Agricultural history, R for Recreation on historic Garfield St., K for Kids and Kindness, L for Landscape, A for Academics and Arts, N for native peoples, and D for Diversity. The letters spell the word Parkland across the mural wall. Design by Saiyare Refaei, native Salmon and canoe design by Dakota Murray. Input from Parkland Community Members.

Enjoy and we look forward to painting with you soon!

1 Final Parkland Mural Design P

2 Final Parkland Mural Design A

3 Final Parkland Mural Design R

4 Final Parkland Mural Design K5 Final Parkland Mural Design L

6 Final Parkland Mural Design A

7 Final Parkland Mural Design N

8 Final Parkland Mural Design D



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