About the project

The purpose of the Parkland Community Mural is to unite local artists, students, community organizations, businesses and community members to creatively and collectively tell Parkland’s story. This project will acknowledge and showcase the community’s values to illustrate where the community has been and what we will become. The community mural will be helpful for Pacific Lutheran and Parkland to build a better understanding of one another and create a space for our community’s narrative.

Inspiration for this project grew from Saiyare’s, a PLU student, Wang Center Research Grant project after interviewing artists in Oaxaca, Mexico in the summer of 2013. Oaxacan street artists see murals as public art brings about consciousness of social injustices in their communities and more importantly, art for their community. After envisioning the potential for expressing cultural identity through storytelling on the walls of Oaxaca, Saiyare saw potential for a mural in Parkland.

The mural project is a joint effort of Parkland community stakeholders and PLU students and departments. Principle leaders in the newly formed mural planning committee include local artists in Parkland, representatives of the Franklin Pierce School District, the Parkland Post Office, Parkland community organizations and representatives from the following PLU departments and organizations: Art Department, Sustainability Department, Center for Community Engagement and Service, ASPLU, Facilities Management, Auxiliary Services, Office of Finance and Operations, G.R.E.A.N., Students of the Left, Office of Residential Life, Wang Center for Global Education. Pacific Lutheran University owns the wall that will become the canvas, but this project is committed to representing the culture, ideas and vision of the people of Parkland. The mural spells out the word PARKLAND, with each letter acting as a canvas with a collage of images inside. The has been approved to be painted on the Parkland Post Office at the intersection of Garfield and C Streets in May-June of 2014.


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