GREAT NEWS! The mural project was selected for a $1,500 Spark Grant through The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation to support documenting the project.

Shout out to Carly Brook for working diligently on the grant proposal, Sarah Kluesner from Franklin Pierce Youth First for her assistance in finalizing the grant application, Saiyare Refaei for interviewing for the grant and of course The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation!

After a week off, we were back painting detail work in the Parkland sunshine. We will be painting this week through Thursday.


WHS College Bound Service Day


Look at our progress!

WHS College Bound seniors brought the energy and some great help this past Friday. We made a lot of progress this past week and will be taking a break from community painting days until Monday, June 30th. See you then!

Come join the painting parties; Wednesday — Saturday this week!


Come join the painting parties; Wednesday -- Saturday this week!

We are so excited about the progress we have made so far on the Parkland Community Mural Project, and so much of it is due to your support! From the donut donations to the volunteer painters of all ages, we have been so lucky to see so much participation from the community!

We’ll be out painting Wednesday- Saturday at the wall, all are welcome to come! Painting days will start at 10:00 am. Attached are the waivers which all people under 18 need to have a parent/guardian sign. Please come join us and invite your friends!

Color Time


Color Time

We had students from Gates High Keithley Middle School – Kolts to the CORE, Washington High School, Franklin Pierce High School, Pacific Lutheran University and other wonderful Parkland community members out at the wall painting in big blocks of color today and getting their hands dirty. — in Parkland, WA.